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Elliott Hampton
Elliott Hampton

Monday, July 25, 2011

We have a plan!

We have a plan. But, first I will tell you how we got there.

On Saturday we were told Elliott would likely be discharged in another week. We rushed back to the homestead to get ready (mostly clean, since we've been absent for a month). Then, Sunday we were told it would be another 3 to 4 weeks. We missed rounds and the nurse relayed the message to us. I requested to speak with the doctor. She (the doc) sent a resident, which was very irritating. Residents are able to give cursory info, but really cannot answer big picture or change of plan questions. Such a cop out on the doctor's part. The resident was not able to give me any compelling reason for this dramatic change of plan. To make matters worse, the nurse was continually, without solicitation, backing up the 3-4 week plan. It was a stressful day. Elliott has responded favorably to every change. Thankfully, there have been no set backs. So, why the change? The only real justification they gave was that they want to make sure he shows real growth and they need time to measure that. Really? He is a term baby. Cardiology is really happy with his progress and he has met all of their terms for discharge. I can monitor growth (thank you, Tim and Marcie -and Chris, Ann, and Kara for the awesome scale!) and feeding with my pediatrician. We don't need a 5500.00/day bed in ICU to do that!

Then, we bought a mamaroo (It's the coolest thing ever! Thank you, Court, Jess, Jennifer, Ally, Erin, Rhealan for the gift card!) for Elliott to chill in. Evidently, the child life specialist has to approve it to be sure it is safe, because we are just the parents, which makes us morons (I know, I know, liability. It's still irritating). Since it plugs in to the wall, biomedical equipment has to inspect it. The process could take weeks. Could it take 3-4 weeks, because that seems to be the magic timeframe? She can bring a sanctioned swing if we want to use a swing. Can I just put him in the mammaroo and not plug it in? Just to see get him used to sitting in it? "I'm gonna have to say no." really? Seriously? Because I really don't need your permission. I am so ready to go home.

Okay, so we had cardiology rounds this morning. They are really happy with Elliott and said he needs to go home. No need to keep him here. Everything can be managed from home. They said they would talk to the NICU docs.

Then we had nicu rounds. Nicu attending insisted on 3-4 weeks. She said she needed to talk to cardiology because she had heard conflicting reports. I am interested in this, because I have been hearing the same report from both groups of rounding cardiologists.

Then, several hours later, the NICU fellow stopped by to say this is the plan:
50% breast milk feeds (on breast whenever) today, 100% tomorrow, observe Wednesday, discharge Thursday. Hooray!!!!! Almost home! Keep up the great work, Elliott!

Getting ready to breast feed this morning. He did so well! Such a quick study!

That was so good, momma! When can we get rid of the nude mustache? This afternoon! Stay tuned for naked face pics!

I am the champion! No more mustache! Wohoo!

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