Elliott Hampton

Elliott Hampton
Elliott Hampton

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vent progress. Feeding woes.

Well, starting pressure trials on the vent in about half an hour. So that is good news.

Was up to 20 cc an hour feeds, but started draining protein in pd again. So npo and on tpn again. Maybe feeding a 2.4 kg neonate 16 oz of formula a day is a bit much. Maybe they should continue to feed an amount that he has demonstrated he can tolerate. Just a suggestion. So, the fix for this is to leave the pd catheter in place and keep him on a fat free diet for 30 days. Does this mean he has to be hospitalized at least another 30 days? He was on fat free formula last night. So, if that is the solution, why did he indicate protein effusions? Will I ever be able to breast feed? Am I spending all of this time pumping for a rainy day? I hope not. I hope I can continue to do the one and only thing I can to contribute to his well being while in the hospital. Anyway, I am waiting for rounds to address my concerns.

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