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Elliott Hampton
Elliott Hampton

Saturday, July 30, 2011

2nd and 3rd day home

Just so you know, I've started several blog posts, been distracted away (can you believe it?! The nerve of that sweet baby! Haha), returned to complete the update, only to discover it has been lost! So, I will bravely begin another posting. Understand, it is likely to be rather scatterbrained.

Being home is fantastic! Missing Mark is awful. I am so proud of him. At the end of this week, he will have completed his last and most demanding semester of graduate school. He has revised the definition of busy over the course of the past two years. He has worked full time, while pursuing graduate study in counseling, seeing counseling clients and groups at night, and working remaining nights at the clay studio. Elliott and I are so very proud of him! We can't wait to see him again! Next time we see him, he will be a master! Go Mark!

My parents have been so incredibly helpful. I don't know how single moms do it. They must have a secret for how they shower, since the ones that I know don't seem to smell! Do share your wisdom!

It's official, we can put the car seat in the Jeep, but it is impossible to get it out without dumping the precious cargo in the process. Luckily, my dad has graciously offered the use of his car until we can sort out a new vehicle.

Elliott is truly flourishing. He finishes his feeds in record time, I can scarcely believe he is the same kiddo that was struggling to eat 5 cc PO feeds just a week ago! He is becoming increasingly engaged with his surroundings, which is so much fun to watch!

Here are some pics:

We were greeted by these awesome balloons from Aunt Melissa, Uncle Wes, Sarah, Roger, Sidney, Molly, and Callie!

And then, we were surprised with these gorgeous flowers from Aunt Pat! They smell so lovely.

In case you are wondering, the transition to cloth diapering has been rather seamless. Since Elliott is still on a nightly dose of lasix, we are using disposables after his nighttime dosage until we can build up our diaper supply.

So awesome to see Elliott in the turtle onesie I "made" (or bought and ironed on the felt turtle) for him, paired with giraffe's owl diaper! Looks like my logic was correct (if the owl diaper fits giraffe, it will fit E)

Nice to see Elliott in his own crib!

I love sleeping on my mommy!

And now for the fashion show.

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