Elliott Hampton

Elliott Hampton
Elliott Hampton

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Under pressure

Elliott is still receiving some pressure support from the vent, and he has tolerated the reduction of pressure instituted this morning. They will likely reduce the pressure again this evening.

Since they have also reduced his pain med and eliminated the sedation, he has been much more alert. This has been a positive thing in that we get to interact with him more, and a negative thing in that he feels more discomfort. I cannot begin to convey the hurt inflicted our my bones watching our son's face redden, brow furrow, and eyes well up with big, sparkling tears during his inconsolable silent cries. All we can do is hold his toes and head and speak as calmly as we can while fighting back our own tears.

We picked up a nature sounds giraffe today. It makes all sorts of noises, some of which are actual giraffe sounds. I never thought of giraffes as making noise. I think I had been told or read that giraffes are the only mammals without vocal folds. I should fact check that. Anyway, according to the manufacturers of this toy, giraffes sound like they have fluid in their lungs and are struggling to breathe. So, when turning Elliott, his nurse was concerned that it was Elliott making the noises. I will admit that I also thought it was Elliott. I guess that was supposed to be a funny story.

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