Elliott Hampton

Elliott Hampton
Elliott Hampton

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

NICU Day 1

I might love the NICU. I feel like a real mom! Changing diapers, feeding (he is still just practicing), checking his NG tube placement and residual, changing syringes on the NG tube pump, and pushing meds, I am finally getting the opportunity to take care of my little boy!

I got a Ronald McDonald room tonight, and I get to do the 3 am feed! Woohoo!

Hi mom! I'm awake!

What?! Daddy's coming tomorrow?

I'm so excited!

Do you think I'll get to snuggle with him? I am really looking forward to that, I remember loving it when he snuggled me!

He does want to cuddle me? Oh hooray! I love my daddy so much!

What time should I expect him? Oh my I better rest up!

Here are pictures from the scrapbook/ brag book that I made today using pictures taken by and materials provided by volunteers:

I was in a hurry, and it's hard to take pictures in this lighting so please excise the glare. I know it's awful.

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