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Elliott Hampton
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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Recliner camping

Mr.E, the night owl, finally drifted to sleep...
... after finding his fist...

...and then deciding his pacifier was better in terms of mitigating future orthodontia issues. While I appreciate his sudden concern for healthcare related costs, what's another 5 grand for braces on top of the nearly 500 grand he has racked up so far? I'm just sayin'...

Oh! This is so cool:

There is a video posted of Elliott's team! These are the people that saved our little boy! I may actually do a separate post on this... Tomorrow. I'll write more on this tomorrow. Plus, I'll include a video of part of Elliott's team performing the TGA surgery that was part of Elliott's surgery. Ha! Stay tuned for that bit tomorrow! How's that for a cliffhanger?

This post is supposed to be about recliner camping.

So, it's another night of recliner camping in the TCH Heart Center Waiting Room. "What is this recliner camping?" you ask. Well, here are a few pics:
This is the recliner before my personal touches. Notice the auditory lasix device in the background, known as a fish tank to most folk.

I selected this particular spot due largely to several reasons:
1. Strategically placed hand sanitizer. I can conveniently sanitize my hands any time during the night. If I wake up dreaming about touching elevator buttons and get the willies, I can just reach up and get a couple of squirts, rub my hands together briskly and fall right back asleep, relieved that my hands are free of 99.8% of germs. I'm actually going to take a moment to sanitize my hands right now... Oh no! The dispenser is empty! I am considering getting up to tell the night desk attendant. I'll wait until morning. I have my own sanitizer.
2. Tissues are only an arm's length away. At least the tissue box is stocked. So, if I awaken with the sniffles, I can reach up and grab a tissue. So nice.
3. End table and Electricity! Ah, notice the convenient proximity of the side table and ever elusive electrical socket!

I totally pimped my recliner!

I have it outfitted with a 200 thread count cotton percale full sized fitted sheet in kiwi green, which contrasts nicely with the majestic purple pillowcase from the same linen collection. The rough ivory woven blanket is on loan from the TCH Institutional Collection and the plush navy face throw (to block the light from the entryway) is from the Meckel Closet Collection. The Houston Press is courtesy of Chipootle.

Ah, you are now wondering,"But, what about the view?"
Well, from the recliner, the wall of cabinets that contains my possessions is visible. I also have a lovely view of the Texas Medical Center. I will likely awaken to strangers sitting in the chairs that surround me. It is akin to what I imagine sleeping in a bus station would be like, with lots of coughing and hacking and inappropriately loud talkers. It's not that bad... It's actually odd, how quickly this becomes a way of life. I should say I have options. I could stay with my lovely friend, who lives in the city. But that would require leaving the med center for more than an hour or two, which I just cannot do. I actually sleep fairly well. When I wake up to use the restroom, I can just pop upstairs and take a quick peak at little E. I like that.

Oh goody! It's lights out!

Good night!

3am addendum:

Elliott is now a squeaky clean Squeaky McGee. He has had his bath. He weighs 2.24kg or 4.94 lbs.
Only tigger and monkey can hang late night. Everyone else- even owl!- conked out.

Now that I've peaked at ya, I'm thinking I will follow suit.

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