Elliott Hampton

Elliott Hampton
Elliott Hampton

Sunday, July 3, 2011

A million times, thank you

I would like to take a moment to thank our friends and family for their support.

Thank you, Gregg, for taking care of the Lubbock house and our kitty cats (whom I miss so terribly much!).

Thank you, Munah Vadgama, for providing a close, comfortable place to stay, and keeping us well stocked with the delicious pastries from Croissant-Brioche.

Thank you, Mike Griggs, for taking us for dinner and fro-yo both pre- and post- delivering Elliott.

Thank you, Terri Thurman, for decorating the house, looking after the critters, and providing a wonderful lasagna meal.

Thank you, Jennifer Cagara, for the delicious lasagna dinner.

Thank you, Jan and Phil Taylor, for looking after the critters, dinners, quiche (which is so delightful!), decorating the house, washing Elliott's diapers, caledula cream, what am I forgetting?

Thank you, Mandy Olson, for iron on labels so Elliott can "pimp his bassinet" with the lovely hats, socks, and blankets all of his admirers have provided.

Thank you, Rachel Sparks, for your doctor appointment taxi service, parking fee forgiveness, lunches, love, lifelong friendship, and a million other things that I cannot even begin to list.

Thank you, Vicki Wright, for your love, support, and spiritual strength while we awaited news of Elliott's surgeries.

Thank you, Michelle Franklin, for lunch, donations to the parking fund, and your constant support.

Thank you, Amanda Meckel, my littlest sister, for photo documenting this journey and being so strong for us.

Thank you, Lauren Meckel, my middlest sister, for being so strong for us and giving your love every step of the way.

Thank you, Mom, daddy, and Sharon, for committing to this journey with us and being there to guide us along the way, as you have always guided us. We are infinitely grateful for your love and support throughout the pregnancy and Elliott's adventure.

There are so many people out there who have touched Elliott's life, through positive thought and prayer. A million times, thank you. Please continue to keep him in your hearts as we traverse this tumultuous path.

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