Elliott Hampton

Elliott Hampton
Elliott Hampton

Monday, June 4, 2012

Headed home!

After a put stop to pick up some drugs in Montrose (at Walgreens), we are headed home!

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Waiting to see little toot toot in recovery. All went swimmingly well! Best case scenario- i feel like we won the lottery! His testicle was in the groin and is now resting comfortably in his scrotum! I am certain that teenage E will pass out at the thought of mom posting this info! So, no follow up surgery necessary!

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Here we go...

Well, we met with E's docs and handed him over. He is going to have both general anesthesia and a caudal (lower spine block, to help with post-op pain, mostly). The procedure should only take about an hour and a half to two hours. So, now we wait...

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E has been attempting to wiggle his way out of our clutches to crawl on the floor. We are steadfast in our resolve to keep little toot toot off of the waiting room floor, no matter how many sweet, dirty looks he gives us!

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Elliott's Entourage is en route!

He looks so wiped out. Just a few moments ago, he was a super snugly giggle box.

It was so nice to wake up to so many sweet comments and words of encouragement on Facebook! Thank you!

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Surgery in the morning.

It's the night before surgery and sounds of Elliott sing- crawling (he phonates "yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah" or "ahhhhhhh" while crawling) are ringing through the house. He crawls up and down the hallway, sitting up at each end to survey his path and be sure you are watching him, then it's back to his rounds. I have tried posting video with no luck. I will add video once I determine my error ;).

We have to be at TCH before 6 am tomorrow. I will update the blog throughout the adventure. Thank you in advance for love, thoughts, and prayers.

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Friday, June 1, 2012

11 mos and surgery on Monday!

Can you believe our Elliott is already 11 months!?

I have written several posts that have been lost when uploading. I am hoping this one will actually go through. :)

What's new with our guy?

Let's see...

1. He weighs 18.5 lbs and is 30 inches tall!

2. He is crawling and cruising. He lives to play his physical therapist's game of "throw the toy and chase after it." he threw his ball and blocks and chased them all over his Aunt Lauren's apartment last weekend. I think she may have video. I'll try to get her to post it here.

3. Oh he has the cutest wave! And if you're luck he will tell you "hi." He says mama, dada, ba (ball).

4. He has two front bottom teeth, and is working on his 2 front top teeth. They are just the cutest! He is so interested in teeth now that he has a couple. He wants to reach into everyone's moth to check out their grills!

5. His cardiologist is super pleased with him. Right ventricle is still small, but e is managing well. We will continue the wait and see game. Great news!

6. He has surgery with urology scheduled for June 4th. Elliott's CV anesthesiologist will be in the room, and I cannot begin to express how grateful I am that Dr. H agreed to administer anesthesia. It is nice to know someone with first-hand knowledge of E's case will be in the room.

Posting this now. More to come. love to you all!

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11 months!

Thank you all for accompanying is on this journey. Your warm support is such a comfort.