Elliott Hampton

Elliott Hampton
Elliott Hampton

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Today was a good day!

Today was a good day. Elliott ate breast milk like a champ! He even seemed a bit hungry after feeding at the breast and taking his full bottle! We had understood that the plan was supposed to be for him to feed ad lib (feed as much and as frequently as he cues). However, the neonatologist, as has been typical, changed her mind without a compelling reason. Hoping we are still on track to secede from the unit Thursday, I decided to let the issue go.

Cardiology rounds featured Dr. P again today. After much discussion, research, and despite heartbreak over Dr. R's move to CHOP, we decided to invite Dr. P to be little E's cardiologist. he accepted. Woo hoo! Elliott's exam went well. It seems he is healing very well. Elliott also had another ECHO, and we will talk with cardiology about it tomorrow. The nurse reported that the tech said it looked good.

What else? He had his newborn hearing screening. Since he was in NICU, they did ABRs, instead of the usual OAEs. He passed!

He received his hep b vaccine and started on a multivitamin. I tasted it after seeing him scowl. So gross. It also smells awful. Ick.

No word on mammaroo approval process. Red tape is wrapping it up. I bet we get approval as we walk out on Thursday! We are paying it forward for future TCH mammaroo families. That's right! We are revolutionaries.

I sorta love you guys.

I'm pretty content in daddy's arms.

And another thing, when are we busting out of here?

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  1. He is looking so handsome! How lucky he is to have you two... and how luck you are to have him.