Elliott Hampton

Elliott Hampton
Elliott Hampton

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Daddy's goodbye and other news

He finished his first vent weaning pressure support trial, which was just over 2 hours. he did very very well. They will do another one this evening. If that goes well, likely extubate tomorrow.

They are stumped about the chylous (protein/ fat) drainage in pd catheter. Will keep npo for a week to allow time to resolve/heal lymphatic system and see if that helps. Talking to radiology to see if there is a study that can be done to pinpoint the issue. Will remove central line and pd catheter tomorrow.

Mark left an hour ago. He is such a good daddy and husband. I am so grateful that I have him as my partner through this journey. I know leaving was excruciating for him, but it is so necessary for our future. He is driving to Lubbock to accrue clinical hours, attend class, and work. All the while, Elliott will progress and have so many surprises for his daddy's return!

Elliott, this is your favorite way to interact. Holding on to Daddy's finger tightly, while Daddy squeezes your toes.

Such a strong grip!

Daddy loves your big toe!

Daddy gives Elliott sweet goodbye kisses. His head is so sweet and soft.

I wish I were tall enough to rest my cheek on Elliott's head! I'm so jealous of daddy!

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