Elliott Hampton

Elliott Hampton
Elliott Hampton

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Recovery day 2

I apologize for the lack of updates yesterday. It seemed every time I started an update, something would change. I cannot begin to convey how difficult it is to watch your son's life hang on the balance of a few numbers and graphs on a monitor. Throughout the day yesterday, Elliott had moments of desaturation and a couple of episodes of arrhythmia. Thankfully, the spells of desat were only into the 70s before his team was able to get a handle on what Elliott needed. He is a challenging case because his surgery was so complicated and he is such a little guy.

This morning, Elliott looks good. The term "looks good" now means that his numbers and graphs and blood gases "look good." They added nitric oxide to his oxygen mix to help dilate the pulmonary artery, as pulmonary hypertension explains the desatting episodes. I will ask the docs during rounds whether they anticipate this to be a chronic issue or part of his recovery.

We look forward to being able to touch Elliott again and hold his little hands and toes. He has made some progress that helps me feel closer to that point.
1. The pacer is down to 129 from 140. This means arrhythmia may be diminishing. Okay. Just had rounds. Arrhythmia is still present, so they are continuing to pace the atria above the ventricles. So, it's still a waiting game.

2. After adding the nitric oxide, they were able to reduce oxygen level to 70%. This is good.

3. His sats are currently at 92. While you and I are likely at 98-100, high 80s to low 90s are decent for Elliott. We are hoping that his sats increase as he heals. At this point, I am happy for anything above 80.

4. His meds have been reduced. It is a good thing to walk in and see fewer pumps on his bed.

Okay that is all for now. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers, as we are still critical and sweet Elliott needs your strength and support. Thank you all so much, as it is really comforting knowing we are not in this alone. Love to you all.

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