Elliott Hampton

Elliott Hampton
Elliott Hampton

Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Monday.

Lots of info! Spent the night in Spring. It was so nice to sleep in my own bed! And I have to admit I watched a wee bit of therapeutic True Blood and Weeds.

They were rounding just as I walked in Elliott's room this morning, impeccable timing! Where to start? Ok cma (genetic test) came back. Elliott has a variation on chromosome 12. Not sure of the nature or characterization of the variation, but report said not sure what that means and that this variation is seen as a variation of normal. According to the geneticist's report, this particular variation is not associated with syndrome!!!!! Waiting to talk to geneticist for more info.

Chest X-ray looks great.

CBC and chemistries look great.

Abdominal exam indicates all is well: stomach is soft, good bowel sounds, liver size is normal.

Hemodynamics are excellent: great pulses, hemoglobin and hematocrit are good.

Weight is now 2.29kg. Criteria for acute care vs. NICU is 2.5kg. So, it looks like we may be headed to NICU later this week. This is good. Lots of feeding specialization in NICU. Operation fatten him up commences!!

Feeding: OT just left. Feeding trial with pedialyte went well. Elliott took 13 cc. No sign of aspiration. He demonstrated minimal anterior spillage, and was mildly disorganized. All within the realm of expectation. Will continue clear feeds every 3 hours working up to formula. No milk until tolerates formula without indicating chylous.

All good news for our sweet little dude!

Will post an awesome video of him in a bit. Here are a fee pics to tide you over ;)

Now that I'm drug-free and withdrawal-free, I can really enjoy this mobile!

I'm ready to make you proud! I have my drool catcher in place, I'm sitting up, come on! Hook me up with some food!

Seriously, stick the nipple in my pie hole! I'm ready!

Look momma! I'm eating!!!

Mr. Gooseneck duck says: "Don't be fooled, Elliott's just resting his eyes."

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