Elliott Hampton

Elliott Hampton
Elliott Hampton

Thursday, July 28, 2011

1st day at home

Today has been just splendid! So happy spending time at home with little E, Mark, and my parents. Elliott is such a joy. He is so expressive, even as he slumbers. Awake, he investigates his world, turning his head to locate sound, extending his arms and legs to test limits. He has such wisdom behind his sometimes blue, sometimes, green, sometimes hazel, and presently dark gray eyes.

Thank you all for your unending support throughout our 5 week and 3 day hospital stay. I am certain we could not have held as strong without each of you holding us up.

Elliott has just begun his journey. I wish I could say that he is cured, but our hearts just don't heal that way. Our hope is that he will continue to heal to the surgeon's liking. Our hope is that he will grow his right ventricle and tricuspid valve, not that the arteries have been switched and the aortic arch has been redesigned. Our hope is that his oxygen saturations will continue to climb into the very high 90s. Our hope is that he will be just like any other little boy (except that he is ours and won't be wearing basketball shorts to dinner - just for you, Lauren, Amanda, and Justin).

We will continue living in Houston, to keep Elliott a stone's throw from TCH. We begin our outpatient experience with clinic appointments next week!

Pics soon to be added!

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