Elliott Hampton

Elliott Hampton
Elliott Hampton

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Surgery likely next week

As the headline states, the latest news is that Elliott's surgery will likely be next week. There are several reasons for this decision. First, Elliott is presently stable. His O2 saturations are good both pre and post ductal. This means his organs are receiving adequate blood flow. Secondly, this gives him additional time to grow. He was 5 lbs 1.7 oz at birth. Babies typically lose a bit of weight after birth. At his weigh in lay shift, he weighed right at 5 lbs. Not bad for a kiddo on primarily IV nutrition. Thirdly, stronger pre-op= stronger post-op= better outcome. I am 100% in favor of doing whatever we can to tweak that formula and increase his outcome.

We plan to be at hospital early in the morning to catch the docs during rounds.

Such a stylish daddy!

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