Elliott Hampton

Elliott Hampton
Elliott Hampton

Sunday, June 26, 2011

I'm home

Today was bittersweet. I think I will write a +/- list.

+ I was discharged from the hospital. Evidently, I'm medically stable. It's really amazing to think that after only three days I had staples removed and strips of tape are enough to keep my internal organs from escaping. I know they have stitches on the inner layer. Still, it's amazing that the human body is capable of healing so quickly. Oh! Since I haven't had a chance to finish the birth story, I am compelled to brag that I actually experienced the best of both worlds- full dilation and effacement, as well as 2 hours of pushing while the doctor attempted to rotate Elliott from sideways presentation. More on this later.

- I was discharged today. This means that I am no longer a three minute walk from my sweet boy. This is hitting Mark and I really hard today. I know he is well taken care of and We are doing all we can for him by bringing him to the best doctors, living separately so Mark can maintain his job and insurance, and pumping milk. Leaving him today was awful. Leaving him is always awful, but today was particularly painful.

+ Elliott had several successful feedings. He started the day off with 14cc and ended up with 25cc! I am so proud of him! Included in that count is 0.5cc of fresh breast milk! He is learning so quickly!

+ Breast milk is coming in! First harvest was 0.5 cc, 2nd was 1.65 cc and the third was 2.1 cc!

Okay, that was therapeutic. The + entries clearly outnumber the - entries.

Tomorrow is a big day. Elliott's case goes before all of the surgeons and decisions regarding his surgery will be made. I hope sleep is easily found tonight.

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