Elliott Hampton

Elliott Hampton
Elliott Hampton

Monday, June 27, 2011

No news on surgery date

Today was a busy day. After a good night sleep at Nana and Peapaw's (dad, I'm calling you that until Elliott decides on a name), Mark and I headed to the hospital.
We talked to geneticist first. Dr.U officially diagnosed Elliott as a beautiful baby and said he exhibits no physical indications of genetic anomaly. However, standard protocol with CHD babies is to run a micro- array analysis. Baylor has the best genetics lab in the country, possibly the world. Their micro-array analysis is the most advanced in the world. If there are genetic additions or deletions, they will identify them. There is no cause for concern other than this is standard protocol with CHD babies. The test was sent a few days ago and we should have results in a few weeks. Dermatology came in next and agreed that spot on head is birth trauma. Thank you! We spoke with another Cardiologist who reiterated the same info as other cards. Also, despite amazing leaps in feeding volumes, they decided to pull back to 6-8 cc per 3 hours and reintroduce TPN (IV nutrition). The reason for this is related to his "blue blood" heart condition. They are concerned that he may have less than ideal circulation of red blood in his intestines. If they are taxed too much, it can result in a more serious complication. So we are happy about this change. Thanks to my hard work, he has been enjoying breast milk exclusively today! Renal also consulted today. In concordance with his Nana and Grandma Sharon's assessment, his bilirubin levels were a tad high (14 is reference and they were 16). So, he is now sunbathing comfortably.

He was placed under the lights at 4pm and by 7pm his color was much better! They drew labs just before we left tonight, so I will call shortly for the results.

Apologies for leaving you all hanging. Mark and I are so touched by Elliott's strong following, and grateful for all of you thoughts and prayers. I will likely start a routine of updating the blog at night, unless I have a few minutes in the day to do a quick short post.

Love to you all!

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