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Elliott Hampton
Elliott Hampton

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Don't call us, we'll call you

My 2nd phone call to L&D led to a 3rd at 11:30. My 3rd phone call was answered with a suggestion that I leave my number and they will call me when a room opens. No estimate of timeframe.

This is extraordinarily frustrating. But, like the preceding 7 months of my roller coaster ride since finding out about Elliott's issues, this situation is completely out of my hands.

After closing down Brasil's, the labor party dissolved. My parents and sisters returned to Spring. Mark and I are pontificating with my in laws at their med center hotel.

Sleep, though necessary, seems a distant goal. Despite a full day, and a relaxing foot massage from Mark, adrenaline continues to pulse through my veins.

Let me be clear. I am not frustrated about delaying Elliott's entry. Every minute he is in the womb, is another minute he has to develop and grow without wires and machines. I am frustrated- no terrified- I am terrified that I will not have the time to labor with minimal intervention. I am also concerned that I will wind up delivering with a doctor other than my own.

C called me today, before I called L&D the first time. She assured me Elliott's team is ready for him. There are beds available in both NICU and CVICU. Elliott will let us know which suite he will occupy when he arrives. C likened my situation (pre- L&D snafu) to my wedding day. She was right. I was a wreck, anxious, excited, overwhelmed, and continually adding to my tattered "to do" list, not unlike my wedding day. I feel I've been left at the alter. I realize I have not been deserted in perpetuity, but I feel a deep pang disappointment.

I think the suspense is too great for Mark. He is going to call L&D.

Elliott, we are so eager to meet you.

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