Elliott Hampton

Elliott Hampton
Elliott Hampton

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Looks like Thursday

We finally settled into L&D Room 10 at 3:30 this morning. Mark, Sharon, and I hauled our gear, like vagabonds, through the desolate med center streets. It only took 10 minutes to waddle from the hotel to the hospital! My parents met us here shortly after.

One note- we have no cell phone service whatsoever- only wifi access in the hospital. So, contact us through email, Facebook or the blog. If you have had difficulty commenting on blog posts, there is a glitch. You have to be certain "keep me signed in" is NOT checked when signing in through your gmail account.

My fears of a rushed induction were laid to rest. Dr. I came into see me last night and said they were planning to take things very slowly, and anticipate Elliott will join us tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon.

Let's see... What news do I have? Elliott's heart rate is good, and I've been having irregular, light contractions since my arrival.

Elliott's heart tones were the perfect lullaby to coax Mark and I into a couple of hours of precious slumber.

They administered 25mg cytotec at 5:15 this morning. At that time I was 50% effaced, 1 cm, and E was at -3. At 10:00, they administered another 25 mg. At that time, I was 70% effaced, 1 cm, and E was holding at -3. He needs to start heading for the exit. I will have to get Mark to talk to him about. He listens to his dad. The plan is that we will likely stick with cervical ripeners today, and see what happens.

My day nurse is fantastic. I mean, she is truly great: hilarious, helpful, supportive, attentive.

If you're in town, feel free to stop by!

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