Elliott Hampton

Elliott Hampton
Elliott Hampton

Saturday, August 20, 2011

8 weeks old!

Trying capture his elusive smile.

And now I dance and smirk.

Daddy's 1st nail trimming. The event ended as soon as it commenced.

Now, I dance.

How can I resist smiling while wearing these ridiculously huge pants?

Okay, that's enough. Take them off of me. I'm swimming in them. Swimming!

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  1. So I know this is completely random, but I had a dream last night that I met Elliot and he was big and healthy and lovable. Just wanted to let you know. I know that's random. But it made for a good dream.

    Also, Elliot looks so big and healthy and lovable in your pics. Thanks for sharing and including us in on your journey. Watching Elliot grow bigger and stronger has been a delight. He's always in my prayers.