Elliott Hampton

Elliott Hampton
Elliott Hampton

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pictures and Call for addresses

As you can imagine, life is pretty busy with a 7 week old. Mark returned to join in the fun, so E and I are pretty happy campers. We traded our Jeep for an Outback, so now the stroller has a comfortable home that is not the passenger seat. Elliott is growing so much; he weighed 7 lb 3 oz on Friday before his bath! We have a pediatrician appointment tomorrow morning for E's 1st round of vaccines and I begin work on Tuesday. Time is really flying!

I ordered "Announcements" today, so send me your address if you would like one.

Here are a few pics:

Thank you Aunt Heidi and Uncle David for the awesome aero onesie!
 Are you ready to see my sweet dance moves? Check out my routine:

 Thank you, Great Aunt Jill and family for the super cool activity gym! I can't wait to have tummy time on it. My Cardiologist says I have to wait until I am 12 weeks post-op.

I am pretty proud of the pirate blanket my momma made for me last week.
  Thanks for the crib piano, Grandma Sharon! I love it!

So proud of my new ride!

Alopecia also affects neonates...Just you wait, I will have a full head of hair in no time!

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