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Elliott Hampton
Elliott Hampton

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bring your baby to work day

Today, Elliott and I went to meet with my clinical fellowship supervisor. Elliott was such a doll! He slept most of the time and woke up right on cue to take his captopril (blood pressure med). Did I tell you about the captopril scare on Sunday? The captopril is compounded. Therefore, it must be refrigerated or it loses stability. I administered it at 1:30, then at 4, I noticed it was still on the kitchen countertop. Panic ensued. I tried calling the hospital pharmacy, only to discover they are closed to the public on the weekends. I then called my dear friend, Cortny "no vowels" (I hope you know that nickname stuck after you told me about it), who is in the thick of pharmacy school. I left her a crazy message. Then, I randomly grabbed a medicine bottle out of the pantry and called the listed number. I spoke with a very nice pharmacist in Lubbock, who assured me it was okay to continue using the medicine. Ah, relief! A little while later, Cortny texted to tell me she had a call in to a friend and would call me soon. As it turns out, the stability of the captopril is dependent on the compounding agent. She suggested I call the main number of the hospital to request the pharmacist. Thankfully, our captopril is compounded with ascorbic acid and relatively stable for several hours, provided it is indoors with air conditioning. Panic assuaged, emergency averted. That brings me to today. I decided to pack Elliott's captopril in an icepack for our excursion today, since we would surely be out at his dosage time. When I attempted to draw it up, nothing filled the syringe. I thought it must have spilled, but then I realized it was actually FROZEN! panic ensued. My dear supervisor kept a cool head and defrosted the drug by tightly gripping the glass bottle. I shook it up and gave him his dose. Of course, I called the pharmacist as soon as I returned home. He told me to continue giving it to him today and to stop by tomorrow for another bottle. Awesome. One week home, and I'm already messing things up, haha.

Not much else to report. He is eating and eliminating and sleeping and observing.

Now for the pics.

Let's begin with a retrospective of the Bluth Family Frozen Banana Stand's newest employee:


Just one week ago today, E was lost in this outfit. Now, it almost fits him!

Thanks for lunch, Auntie Amanda. Mom, stop embarrassing me with all the pictures!

So, I scratched my nose and now my mom is insistent that I wear these mitten things.

I'm ready to go to work. I look twisted because my bib is off kilter, like the way the "cool" kids wear their visors.

We made it into the building!

Our first public restroom diaper change!

Home at last!

Dance party



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