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Elliott Hampton
Elliott Hampton

Friday, August 12, 2011

A serious baby

He is so serious when he is awake! When he sleeps, if you watch carefully, you are apt to Be rewarded with a glimpse of a grin! I have yet to catch it with my camera (phone). I'm determined to eek a smile out of him while awake.

I uploaded all of my E pictures onto my shutterfly account a few days ago. I will admit that it was tough seeing Elliott's post op portraits. Of course he is serious. The majority of his life has consisted of very serious faces peering down at him. I am doing my best to avoid looking at him with anything but a goofy smile. He is likely thinking, "Great, they sent me home with this lunatic?!"

This week, I have been making trips to set up my therapy office. Shaving several hours off of my days with Elliott has been difficult. Where is my trust fund? Or my astronomically large bank account that marks me as independently wealthy so I can stay home with Elliott, and Mark can join us permanently, and we can stop fretting over insurance? Oh yes, it doesn't exist. Hm.

This week, I had a benefits meeting with the school district. I was grateful the room was dark and relatively empty. Hopefully the other women at my table didn't notice my silent sobs as the benefits specialist unveiled the horrible package they inappropriately call benefits. Insurance premiums are over 700/ month! The coverage is high deductible, high patient responsibility. For instance, each visit to the ER is 250.00 right off the bat. Our discharge orders state several scenarios which require an ER visit for Elliott, whereas other kids may not require the ER. The benefits specialist encouraged that we use "urgent care centers." not helpful. I understand that they are trying to keep people from abusing the ER, but I wish that there were special provisions for special circumstance families. I guess that's Medicaid. The benefits staff were so nice, although their programs are not. Don't even get me started on the retirement accounts. I was truly spoiled in terms of benefits by the City of Lubbock, although my paycheck was awful, and upward mobility was stagnant. Oh well, welcome to Education.

All of the people I have met thus far have been wonderful. I know that, despite my complaints about benefits (which is simply an American issue- not just my district and not only felt in the field of education), I made the right decision choosing Klein.

Here are a few pics:

This was two weeks ago, in the hospital:

This was yesterday afternoon- same outfit:

Just but longer and it will be too small for him!


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