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Elliott Hampton
Elliott Hampton

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Keep the Beat, and owl-dorable tees

Today, is my wonderful husband's birthday. We love him dearly and miss him terribly. I know it is difficult for him to be away from Elliott and me, as it is difficult for me to be without my best friend and teammate. We are making these sacrifices so that we can provide he best possible life for our family in the future. We repeat that mantra often.

The Keep the Beat walk is less than two weeks away! Yet, we are still far from our rather modest goal. I really appreciate all of the donations, both those made directly via www.ktbwalks.org/team/Elliott as well as those made through the purchase of an Elliott's Entourage t-shirt. Please don't be shy, go on over to www.ktbwalks.org/team/Elliott to sign up and join us for the walk (it's free!) on Saturday, February 18 at 9am at Sam Houston Park (off Allen Parkway)!

We have a few t-shirts that have not been spoke for yet. Yeaterday, i received an email stating that the design included a copyrighted heart design and could not be printed. So, I drew my own mended heart and scanned it in! I received the final proof for printing today. I have to admit, they turned out quite owl-dorable. You are missing out, if you don't nab one!

I also included a couple of pics of our little man sitting all by himself at his Physical Therapy appointment on Tuesday!

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