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Elliott Hampton
Elliott Hampton

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Blisters, shirts, and PT update

Poor little E. He had blisters on his sweet head yesterday. So, we have been helmet-less for the last 24 hours. His helmet was revamped today, and we will start the acclimation process from 2 hours on/ 1 hour off again tomorrow. He is such a trooper.

We ordered the shirts for the Keep the Beat Walk today! I will post a picture of the design. We had 71 orders and I ordered 90 to get a better price and have a few on hand in case someone missed out. If you ordered a shirt, please send check or PayPal when you can. Mark and I paid for the shirts up front, so the sooner we can be reimbursed, the better. I have a spreadsheet to keep track of orders and payments. Once we are reimbursed, I will begin making transfers to the It's My Heart Foundation. It is my intention to be certain that each person is recognized for their support. I will email/ text you when your payment is received, your donation has been transferred, and when your shirt is being mailed/delivered (if applicable). I an so excited about the walk! If you are itching to put your walking shoes and come out for a splendid morning stroll, please register here (it's free!) by midnight 2/17:


Remember to choose to join existing team - Elliott's Entourage. i will puck up registration materials, so please select the Lake Woodlands Drive Academy. Also, I should note that there is an official KEEP THE BEAT (KTB) t shirt, it is free with a 25.00 donation. This is completely separate from the Elliott's Entourage t shirt. The EE t shirt was our way of getting more people involved and raising money for the walk. Please don't hesitate to call, text, email, Facebook me with any questions!

Here are the mock ups of the shirts-- there are still a few tweaks before printing... I think they are going to be so awesome!

Physical Therapy. Oh how Elliott detests his exercises. Yet, he loves his physical therapist. She is so good with him. She noted good progress today, so we felt our heartache with making him cry was worthwhile. Again, such a trooper!

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