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Elliott Hampton
Elliott Hampton

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Rash Wednesday-Updated

Can we make it one week without needing medical attention? Fat chance, these days. Though I am grateful, these are "small potatoes" bugs and viruses, rather than a much bigger ball of yarn that we won't begin to unravel. Yesterday, this kid took two (TWO) near 2 (TWO) hour naps. Before you dismiss that as typical, you must understand that little toot is just like his mama- he is NOT a big sleeper. He is certainly not much of a day sleeper. This morning he woke up with a fever and another rash, little red pin pricks all over his mid section and back. He was awake for about 45 minutes, wanted a bottle (which he doesn't usually have until 10), and passed out. So back to the doc we go.

Well, he has an enterovirus. I am only marginally satisfied with this Dx, as enterovirus is a group of viruses that includes a wide range of villains, from Coxsackie to Polio. Treatment includes Tylenol and fluids. So, we are home cuddling, pushing fluids and appropriate doses of Tylenol.
Elliott decided it was amusing and thus therapeutic to pull my hair. He protested when I removed my tendrils from his clammy, iron grasp, "but I feel awful! You have to let me pull your hair! It's the only effective treatment!"

Mr.Elliott rebounded very quickly, when I informed him that his toes were the perfect size for a wee snack.

We are now up to 103 with the fever. Gave a cool bath and called the Houston pedi. The triage nurse agreed that is odd to have 3 viruses back to back and that she would like to have seen a CBC to rule out bacterial infection, such as Strep. Tomorrow, I will find someone to do a CBC.
Snuggling with daddy makes me feel so much better.

Poor baby!

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