Elliott Hampton

Elliott Hampton
Elliott Hampton

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cardiology visit

Elliott's cardiology visit went swimmingly. We love his new doc. Dr. P was thorough, and he had clearly studied E's chart and his pre- and post- operative anatomy. Elliott's right ventricle is still, and will likely always be small. But does size matter? In Elliott's case, it doesn't seem to matter too much. Elliott's right ventricle is functioning well. His blood oxygen saturations are in the mid 90s, so he does have some blue (oxygen-poor) blood flowing out the ASD "pop-off valve" to recirculate, but not much. Previously, we had discussed putting Elliott on a low-dose aspirin regimen to help guard against stroke (the lungs are actually responsible for filtering fine clots, and blue blood escaping the right ventricle over the ASD is not filtered). However, E's doc feels that the side effects of aspirin outweigh the benefit, considering E's stroke risk is not significant. Hooray!
So, no changes and we are continuing the wait and see pattern. This is fantastic news!
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