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Elliott Hampton
Elliott Hampton

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sedated ECHO

Yesterday, I called the Cardiologist to see if we could move sedated echo to December from January (insurance issues, ugh) and ask if he could take a quick gander at E while we were on campus for a genetics follow up. I mentioned that my husband and I independently wondered if E was puffy or just baby fat. I was pretty sure it was the latter, but I thought maybe we could get some good pressures and be on our way. Oh no! The card bumped our sedated echo to the very next day (today). Panic. The last time Elliott was sedated for a procedure (MRI), he stopped breathing in my arms, and had to be intubated. Despite the fact that the sedation for an MRI is IV administered and stronger compared to the chloral hydrate administered for the echo, I remained moderately anxiety ridden. Since Mark is in Lubbock, Nana graciously rode along to help with the little man.

So now it's the end of the day. Elliott was so very good. He tolerated the sedation well. He did not tolerate the not eating in preparation for the sedation. Actually he was so good, but he did begin to unravel during the last 45 minutes before the sedation was given. The results if the echo? Here we go:
1. Right ventricle is small. We knew that. It is too early to make any educated predictions. We continue to hope it will exhibit measurable growth.

2. O2 saturation was good. 90s typically. If his right ventricle were truly overloaded, LOTS of blue blood would start to flow over the ASD and drive his static sats down further. Doc was pleased with sats in the 90s.

3. There are a couple of abnormal vessels from the heart to the lungs. They are not posing a serious threat currently, but are on the docket for cauterization in the future via Cath Lab

5. Goodbye captopril. Thanks for the memories of early morning jaunts to the TCH compounding pharmacy and my son's "ace- inhibitor" dry cough. We will not miss you. ONE LESS MED! so now he is not on a single heart related med!!!! Woo hoo! Though, aspirin is likely on the horizon...

6. Next cardio appointment= 6 months- March!

7. Take home message: In this case, Puffiness= baby fat. If puffy eyelids, bluish lips call the cardio.

8. Relief. I will sleep well tonight!

Will post a bunch of Pictures soon!

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